Design LAB Education Resources 

Orientation Presentation (View Online) (Download)

Learning Spaces Resource Guide 


Assessments will not be administered for K-2 students.

Pre-Assessments – Grades 3-5 (Online) (Printable)

Pre-Assessments – Grades 6-8 (Online) (Printable)

Videos (these will be updated soon!)

Basics of Building Videos 

     Part 1: Plan | Section | Elevation

     Part 3: Structures

Sustainability in Building Video

Build Your Dream Home (Financial Literacy) Video

Learning Spaces Presentations

Learning Spaces Week 1 Powerpoint (View Online) (Download)

Learning Spaces Week 2 Powerpoint (View Online) (Download)

Learning Spaces Week 3 Powerpoint (View Online) (Download)

Learning Spaces Week 4 Powerpoint (View Online) (Download)

(No Powerpoint for Week 5)

Kindergarten – Second Resources 

Kindergarten – Second Grade Resource Guide

Introduction to Design LAB Resource Guide

Week 1 Powerpoint (View Online) (Download)

(No powerpoint for Week 2)

Week 3 Powerpoint (View Online) (Download)

Week 4 Powerpoint (View Online) (Download)

Week 5 Powerpoint (View Online) (Download)


Build Your Dream Home Activity

Design Ideas

Model Submission Form

Additional Resources

Orientation Presentation

Design LAB Info Page – This would be a good resource to share with parents or school administrators

Useful Model Materials


Assessments will not be administered for K-2 students.

Post-Assessments – Grades 3-5 (Online) (Printable)

Post-Assessments – Grades 6-8 (Online) (Printable)


Old / Supplemental Resources

Additional Lesson Plans

Supplemental Drawing Activity 1 (Introductory group exercise)

Supplemental Drawing Activity 2 (Massing Study)

National & State Learning Standards Alignment

National & State Learning Standards Alignment

Education Resources from Past ABC Programs

2020 – Dwelling

2019 – PUSH PLAY

2018 – Food for Thought

2017 – BRIDGE

2017 – Bridge Break

2016  – Learning Spaces