Introduction Video

Basics of Building Videos

     Part 1: Plan | Section | Elevation

     Part 2: Spatial Awareness

     Part 3: Structures

Sustainability in Building Video

Build Your Dream Home (Financial Literacy) Video


Build Your Dream Home Activity

Design Ideas

Model Submission Form


DWELLINGS Resource Guide


Additional Resources

Orientation Presentation

Design LAB Info Page – This would be a good resource to share with parents or school administrators

Useful Model Materials


Feel free to use any of these materials to help you – they have not been updated for this year, but could be useful as supplemental

Dwellings Week 1 Powerpoint (View Online) (Download)

(No Powerpoint for Week 2)

Dwellings Week 3 Powerpoint (View Online) (Download)

Dwellings Week 4 Powerpoint (View Online) (Download)

(No Powerpoint for Week 5)


Kindergarten – Second Grade Resources

Introduction to Design LAB Resource Guide

Week 1 Powerpoint (View Online) (Download)

(No powerpoint for Week 2)

Week 3 Powerpoint (View Online) (Download)

Week 4 Powerpoint (View Online) (Download)

Week 5 Powerpoint (View Online) (Download)


Additional Lesson Plans

Supplemental Drawing Activity 1 (Introductory group exercise)

Supplemental Drawing Activity 2 (Massing Study)



Assessments are optional and for school use only – we will not be collecting them this year.

Pre-Assessments – Grades 3-5 (Online) (Printable)

Pre-Assessments – Grades 6-8 (Online) (Printable)


Assessments will not be administered for K-2 students.

Post-Assessments – Grades 3-5 (Online) (Printable)

Post-Assessments – Grades 6-8 (Online) (Printable)

National & State Learning Standards Alignment

National & State Learning Standards Alignment

Education Resources from Past ABC Programs

2020 – Dwelling

2019 – PUSH PLAY

2018 – Food for Thought

2017 – BRIDGE

2017 – Bridge Break

2016  – Learning Spaces