2018 Sponsorship Opportunities

More information can be found in the above link, or by calling AFC at (513) 421-4469.


Our Mission

AFC enriches the Greater Cincinnati community by connecting people with the places where we live, learn, work and play. Through our programming and educational outreach, we inspire public engagement in shaping the built environment. Our Corporate Partners help us support educational programs in our schools, summer programs for youth, exhibits in our gallery, publications and more.


We Need You

Help us grow and expand! Today, the AFC Board has committed to make the organization into a viable and valuable resource in our community. We are working to re-build, re-energize and re-brand the AFC.


How to Help

We need full participation and collaboration of those who help build Cincinnati and our region. With your help, we can do more to grow awareness and communicate the value of what we collectively bring to our community.


Our Partners

You have a unique opportunity to become a leader within the industry by supporting the renewal and rebuilding efforts of the Foundation. As with building and design, it takes vision and belief to create a project, and this is what we are asking of you: to understand the big picture and who we are, what we are trying to accomplish and where we are going…together.