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Zeltner, William P.
(Cincinnati, 1869-after 1894)
Artist and stained-glass designer with William Coulter & Son, Art Workers in 1894.  Educated in the Cincinnati public schools and the Art Academy, worked first with the Artistic Glass Painting Co. here, then for two years with the Wells Glass and Decorative Co., Chicago.

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Zettel, John
Listed with (G.W.) Rapp, Zettel & (Walter L.) Rapp 1903-1912; as Zettel & Rapp 1913-1930; on his own 1936-1937 (although his obituaries indicate he retired from Rapp, Zettel & Rapp in 1931).
A talented draftsman, Zettel designed the Egyptian-style invitations to the 1st and 2nd CAIA/CAM (1901 and 1902). See also Thornton Fitzhugh drawings in the 1889 CAC catalogue.
His obituaries mention his designing the “ornamental fountain in Hyde Park Square, the Allaise [A l’Aise] Apartments [also in Hyde Park Square, at SEC Erie Ave and Edwards Rd], the R.K. LeBlond home in Tusculum [attributed to Rapp & Zettel] and Mariemont Inn.”
Like a number of other Cincinnati architects and artists, Zettel was a member of the (Swedenborgian) Church of the New Jerusalem.

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John Zettel (1881-1950) and Walter L. Rapp (1878-1974)
Mariemont Inn
Wooster Pike
Southeastern Hamilton County

The architects’ original conception was for a much larger building in a V-shaped plan with long wings. Livingwood, who described the principals as his “friends,” most likely specified the Tudor Revival elements in the building.

Ziegler, Carl (or Charles) A. (Augustus)
(Philadelphia, Pa., 1878-1952)
Studied at the University of Pennsylvania; joined Herman Louis Duhring and R. Brogniard Okie in 1899 to form Duhring, Okie & Ziegler, a well-known and prolific Philadelphia firm specializing in residences. Okie resigned in 1918, and Duhring and Ziegler continued the partnership until 1924; Ziegler seems to have worked on his own in Ohio and Kentucky.  He designed a group of residences on Chestnut St., Mariemont, Oh. (ca. 1925); also a number of residences and the First National Bank (1925) in Louisville, Ky., with his partners.  The houses are usually in a Philadelphia Colonial Revival vernacular.

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