Biographical Dictionary of Cincinnati Architects, 1788-1940

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Author: Walter E. Langsam
Contemporary photographs: Alice Weston
Historical photographs: Cincinnati Historical Society Library, Cincinnati Museum Center
Editors: Susannah Sachdeva and Sue Ann Painter
Publisher: Architectural Foundation of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, Ohio. © 2008

Walter E.Langsam, author of this work, teaches architectural history at the University of Cincinnati. He is the author of Great Houses of the Queen City (Cincinnati Museum Center, 2002). He may be reached at





Alice WestonAlice Weston is an environmental artist known for her photography of Ohio’s Native American earthworks and the residential, sacred, public, and commercial architecture of Greater Cincinnati. Weston’s photographs are featured in Great Houses of the Queen City (2002) and Architecture in Cincinnati (Architectural Foundation of Cincinnati/Ohio University Press, 2006)