Lauren Della Bella, LEED AP

SHP Leading Design – President

A long time Architectural Foundation of Cincinnati board member, Lauren Della Bella takes over as board president after completing a two-year term as the vice president. She begins her two-year term as president in January 2018.

Before serving as president of SHP Leading Design, Lauren served as executive vice president, vice president of marketing and business development, and director of marketing. She has been with SHP since 1988. During that time, she spearheaded the development of SHP’s nationally recognized community engagement process; launched Insite Magazine, an SHP publication highlighting innovative design ideas and industry success stories; was a member of the executive committee; and was responsible for guiding the strategic vision of the marketing and business development department.

Lauren’s ability to see the big picture has helped SHP grow to more than 100 employees, with three full-service offices. She is regularly sought after to speak on behalf of the firm and the industry at conferences and events, and has helped the firm achieve thought leadership in sustainability, BIM, and educational visioning and design.

We are very happy to welcome Ms. Della Bella into her new roll, and are looking forward to a successful two years with her at the helm.