A look at Doors Open Cincy 2019

This year’s program started out on a brisk but sunny morning, perfect for exploring the city. Blink was already in full swing, with projectors, stalls, and murals around the city. The air in town was electric, something you undoubtedly felt if you were in the city. As a daytime event for the festival, we kicked on before the lights ever did: our venues hung their Doors Open posters, opened their doors, and welcomed almost 650 visitors!

Each venue had something different to offer and spanned over 200 years of Cincinnati’s history and progress. With so much of Cincinnati’s past and present on display, there was an open door for everyone. The 215-year-old Betts House had guided tours for visitors, Lightborne showed off its unique media workspace, and the Play Library offered its hundreds of board games for use. As the morning progressed, the temperature and event both warmed up: Memorial Hall was our most visited venue, with over 125 visitors in the 4 hours it was open!

Visitors had a great time at their venues of choice, and the venues enjoyed every minute of having them. Each of the venues also featured one of our incredible volunteers, who made the day go smoothly as it did. It’s thanks to them, our venues, and the generosity of the Haile Foundation that Doors Open was a hit! We hope we’ll see you in 2021 when Doors Open comes back!