Formed in 1948 by Lewis Hixson, P.E., Hixson is a firm built on the foundation of technical expertise and service. Through the years, Hixson has grown both in the disciplines they offer and in the geographies they serve. Because of this growth, Hixson today is a thriving company listed in the top 1% of A/E firms in the United States. Hixson takes pride in having impenetrable client loyalty, and contributing to the community in creative ways.

J. Wickliffe Ach ‘Wick,” President/CEO of Hixson an Architectural Engineering Interiors firm works for clients on projects for Specialized Offices (workplace optimization), Fashion Retail (department stores), R&D Facilities and Industrial Processing Facilities, doing about $300 million per year in construction value. He has been CEO of Hixson since 1983 and with the firm since 1977. Prior to Hixson he was in the manufacturing and construction fields. He lives in Glendale with his wife and they have adult 2 children. When asked, what inspired him to work in the built environment? Wick replied, “Initially it was more opportunity than inspiration. Later the inspiration was to be involved in creating unique value. There is a strong sense of pride in what we create!”Wick serves on the board of directors of three for profit organizations and several not for profit boards.

Thanks to Wickliffe Ach (‘Wick”) and Hixson Architecture Engineering Interiors for their support of AFC. Without their support, AFC would not be able to provide programming and educational outreach in local Cincinnati schools.