ABC 2012: The Design Problem:
BRIDGE! Not just “a structure carrying a pathway or roadway over a depression or obstacle.” A bridge can also be a place, a means of connection or transition or even transformation in more than just the physical sense. With the current public discussion over our own Brent Spence Bridge, timing couldn’t be better for ABC 2012 to ask students, “what kind of bridge is most important and necessary for you?”

Structural “Bridge Break” Option (for grades 7 – 12)
In the spirit of UC’s 2nd-year Architecture “Structures” class, ABC students in grades 7 – 12 will have the option to design a structural bridge model that will be tested using weights for its load bearing capacity to failure. This project scheme is otherwise known as a “bridge break,” and is practiced at both secondary and higher education levels. Bridge Break entries will be required to be made of specific materials and be tested to failure (hence the word “break”) as a part of the Awards Presentation festivities at the end of the program. Bridges with the most efficient bridge-weight to weight-held ratios will receive special awards.


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Thursday, December 1, 2011, 11:30am – 2:00pm
Plan to attend one of three orientation sessions and enjoy lunch on us.
11:40    12:20    1:10
Hosted by GBBN Architects, 332 E. 8th Street, Cincinnati, 45202
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Aug 1 — Nov 15, 2011

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December 1, 2011

Architect Kick-Off Luncheon @ GBBN Architects

December 5, 2011

Teacher-Architect Teams Notified

January, 2012

Architect Presentations

January – April 6, 2012

Work Period

April 7, 2012

Design Competition Entries Due:
Hamilton County Public Library
Main Branch: 800 Vine St., 45202
Drop off: 10:00am – Noon

April 14, 2012

Awards Reception at Downtown Public Library (first floor, garden area)

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