2009 Architecture By Children Program

Architecture By Children 2009:
TRANSPORTATION STATION is a theme ABC introduced in 2001. The new 2009 project will focus attention on issues surrounding the inevitable shift from individual automotive travel to mass-transit and the kinds of places needed in Cincinnati to help people get to where they need to go without a car. Students will be presented a map of the Cincinnati region, showing the proposed Light Rail, bus and streetcar systems. The students’ task is to identify a location, a “node,” in their neighborhood where people will go to connect to the system. The “node” may land at a place on the path of the light rail or bus, or, students will decide how to get to the nearest point on the system from where they are. Sustainable [Green] design, which was introduced in 2007, will again be an integral component of the design problem.


Transportation Station design problem materials and classroom resources may be ordered upon request. Please contact info@architecturebychildren.org for pricing and availability.


Contact info@architecturebychildren.org for more information about participating in ABC.


Aug 1 — Oct 31, 2008


December 4, 2008

Architect Kick-Off Luncheon @ GBBN Architects

December 5, 2008

Teacher-Architect Teams Notified

January 2009

Architect Presentations

January – March 6, 2009

Work Period

March 7, 2009

Projects Delivered, Downtown Public Library

March 14, 2009

Awards Reception, Downtown Public Library


ABC is a committee of the Cincinnati Chapter of AIA Cincinnati. The annual program is made possible by a committed partnership with the Architectural Foundation of Cincinnati.

The Architecture By Children Committee, on behalf of AIA Cincinnati and all our participating teachers, students and architects thank the American Architecture Foundation for selecting ABC to receive a 2009 Accent on Architecture Grant made possible by Victor O. Schinnerer and CAN.

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