The Project:

2008 Theme: DWELLING – Retreat for One:

For ABC 2008, DWELLING, we’re going back to the basics. The project will focus on architectural visualization and communication skills, as well as thinking about how people use the spaces they live and work in. Students will be asked to develop a small site for a one-person retreat. This person can be generic, like “an artist” or “a writer”, a real person historical or contemporary, or a fictional character. Sustainable [Green] design, which was introduced last year, will again be a component of the design problem as well as one of the judging criteria in the final competition.


The 2008 ABC Teacher Packet curriculum supplement will contain the Green Design handouts and activities, accompanied by favorite design, drawing and visualization exercises of AIA Cincinnati members.

2008 Design Problem:

Design a retreat place for one person to accommodate working, sleeping & washing on a small rural site. Click here for site plans.

2008 Schedule

Aug. 9 – Oct. 31, 2007 Registration now closed.
December 6, 2007 For Architects: Kick-Off Event Invitation
January 2008 Architect Presentations
January — March 2008 Project Work Period
April 2008 (TBD) Projects delivered for show and juried competition


[Note, August, 2007]

At this time, it is not yet determined where the final ABC show and competition will be held, as the Downtown Library is undergoing extensive renovations which will eliminate our “usual” location. We are intending it to be held during the second or third week of April. We will have the schedule and location confirmed prior to publishing the teacher packet.