Architects, mark your calendars for the annual ABC Volunteer Architects’ Kick-Off Event!

WHAT? = Stop in any time during the event to select your school, pick up your presentation and guidelines, take a sneak peak at the presentation & have lunch on us! Experienced presenters will be on hand to discuss and answer questions.

WHERE? = GBBN Architects

WHEN? = Thursday, DECEMBER 7
11:30 – 2:00

Please RSVP to:
Or phone Tony Yunker at 513.241.8700

Future Architect Award

Most Creative Use of Materials

K-4 +

Outside the Box: “Thinking Outside the Box” Award
Thinking Green Learning Center – Jesse Edwards (3)
Neanen-Haines School
Michelle & Chad Edwards5-8
Cincinnati Children’s Science Center
– Ruby Brooke (5), Christopher Grosser (6), Derion Rice (5), Dakota Richter (5), Amy Swope (5)
School for Creative and Performing Arts
Alice Pixley Young

Riverfront Entertainment District – Matt Leach (11), Chris Baker (10)
Princeton HS
Brian LienHonorable Mention
Treetops of Cincinnati
– Amanda Berger (4), Meaghan McGraw (5), Sarah Robison (4), Quinten Wride (4)
West Clermont Gifted Program
Lois Swisher

Honorable Mention
Center City Sports
– Stephen Cosco (4)Home School Network
Sally Dannemiller

Outside the Box
Eco-Family Friendly Riverside of Cincinnati
– Clarisse Wean (6), Thomas Heidenreich (6)
Fairview German Language School
Mary Glynn Auer

Sports Extravaganza
– Joe Speth (3), Tyler McGraw (3), Amber Powers (4)
West Clermont Gifted Program
Matt Spangler
Eco-Apartel + ‘STACKED DECK AWARD’ (2 architects’ kids….)
– Claire Schottelkotte, E. Schmalz, S. Platte, E. Patterson
Kilgour Elementary
Carol Goad9-12
Block A – Entertainment and Living
– Sarah Leland (5), Christopher Leland (5)
Home School Network
Deanne Leland

Honorable Mention
Conservation Center
– A. Kaluba (6), M. Ewert (6), F. Shaw (6), S. Siler (6)
E.H. Greene Intermediate
Leslie Burklow

Outside The Box: “Going With the Flow” Award
Solar Powered Tall Stacks Museum
– Joe Bischoff
Our Lady of Victory
Christina Amrhein

Outside the Box: “Urban Teamwork Award”
+Honorable Mention in ‘Master Craftsm’n’ category
ABCD Cozy Condos, Grand Earth Hotel, Freedom Stage, & Sports Recreation Center
Holy Trinity
Mrs. Cooper

Master Craftsman Award

Most Successful Use of Green Design Solutions

Nature Conservatory
– Caitlin Stamper (3), Peter Murray (3), Megan Ginn (3)
West Clermont Gifted Program
Matt Spangler5-8
Parrot Paradise Apartments and Town Homes
– Rachel Jenkins (5), Sylvetta Swann (5)
Winton Woods
Beth Pearson9-12
Ft. Washington Way Downtown
– William Lovelace
Harmony School
Pam Votaw

Honorable Mention
The Family Park
– Allison Cheng
Xavier Montessori Lab School
Heidi Larson

Outside The Box: “Everything Under the Sun” Award
International Ethnic Center of Cincinnati
Leah Miller (6), Madison Davies (6), Stephanie Adamec (6)
EH Greene Intermediate
Leslie Burklow

Riverboat Museum Complex
– True Hensley (4)
Home School Network
Julieanne Hensley5-8
Section B: Shop and Walk
– Liz Bren (6), Katie Schmitton (6), Kenya williams (6)
Winton Woods
Beth Pearson9-12
Rollin’ on the River
– Aaron Huentelman (12)
Princeton HS
Brian Lien

Honorable Mention
(class set) Beth Pearson’s class “Destinations”, “Shop and Walk”, “Cincinnati Water Park”
Winton Woods
Jalen Walker, Emily Mannira, Keith Watkins, Sabrina Mercer, Zach Lauman, April Otto, Liz Bren, Lauren Doten, Katie Schmittou, Regina Pande, Kenya Williams

Outside The Box: “Taking it to the X-Treme” Award
Haden’s Extreme Sports Block
– Haden Wright (2)
Xavier Montessori Lab School
Heidi Larson