Design LAB: Learn and Build

2016 Session: Learning Spaces


2,000 Students. 98 Classrooms. 60 Educators, 100 Volunteers.

Classroom Subjects:  Architecture, Art, Biology, Design, Ecology, Engineering, Geometry, Gifted Enrichment, Language Arts, Science, Social Studies, STEAM, Visual Art, After School



Participating SchoolsDLAB_Dwelling

Academy of World Languages
Adena Elementary
Agile Academy
Bethany School
CHCA Armleder
Cherokee Elementary
Cheviot Elementary
Classical Homeschoolers
Colerain Middle School
Covedale Elementary
Crosby Elementary
Dater High School
Dixie Heights High School
E.H. Greene Intermediate
Endeavor Elementary
Felicity Middle School
Harrison Junior School
Harrison Elememtary School
Hyde Park School
Indian Hill Primary/Elementary Schools
Kilgour Elementary
Lebanon Public Library
Madeira Elementary School
Mason Intermediate School
Moyer Elementary School
Oak Hill High School
Orion Academy
Pleasant Ridge Montessori
Reading Central on Vine Elementary
Riverview East Academy
Rozhkov World Language Academy
Smith Middle School
Spencer Center for Gifted and Exceptional Students
St. Veronica School
St. Pius X
St. Vivian
Union Elementary
Van Gorden Elementary
WDISF Mt. Healthy Co-op
Whitewater Valley
Winton Woods High School
Woodford Arts & Culture Academy
Wyoming Middle School



Participating Firms, OrganizationsDLAB_Dwell

Ball State University
BHDP Architecture
CCK DesignWorks
Champlin Architecture
ENZO Building and Design
GBBN Architects
Hixson Architecture, Engineering, Interiors
KZF Design
Messer Construction
Miami University
MSA Architects
Neyer Architects, Inc.
Oswald Co.
Paul Michels & Sons Construction
Pelican Studio Architect
Platte Architecture + Design
SFA Architects
SHP Leading Design
Tilsley + Associates Architects
Turner Construction Co.
University of Cincinnati
VSWC Architects