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Doors Open OTR 2017

Doors Open OTR was successfully held October 29th, 2017. Thank you to all who came, both participants and volunteers! We hope to make this a yearly event, so stay tuned for information about Doors Open 2018.

Design LAB 2018

Design LAB 2018 has kicked off! Students are hard at work researching and imagining new and unique spaces designed around creating and consuming food in this year’s program: Food for Thought!

Learn more about Design LAB 2018: Food for Thought.

Apple Award honors Cincinnati Parks Director Willie Carden, the Board of Park Commissioners

The Architectural Foundation of Cincinnati’s annual Apple Award honors Willie F. Carden, Jr. and the Cincinnati Parks Board of Commissioners. Mr. Carden and the Board of Commissioners have contributed significantly to improving Cincinnati’s built environment through the development of and innovation in the Cincinnati Parks system. The Apple Award Gala will take place June 10, […]