ArchiNATI 2013 Festival

ArchiNATI is an annual festival dedicated to celebrating the buildings, parks, places and spaces that make up the city of Cincinnati’s built environment. This year’s festival will take place beginning on Friday October 4th carrying through the week and ending on Sunday October 13th.

Citizen Space

Cincinnati has an abundance of amazing architecture and design that is calling out for attention. The Italianate architecture of Over-the-Rhine, the city parks that are considered some of the best in the nation, and numerous works by modern master architects and planners are just a few highlights. As much as we would love to find a way to celebrate the entire built environment, our city is a pretty big place. To make things a bit easier on ourselves we adopt an annual theme to help us maintain our focus. The theme we’ve chosen for ArchiNATI 2013 is ‘CITIZEN SPACE’.

Citizen Space is more than publicly owned buildings and land, but the idea that each citizen has a right to a city’s spaces, a stake in its culture, and a say in its built environment. For many of us, the term built environment connotes boundaries in our everyday life. During ArchiNATI 2013, we will cross those boundaries and celebrate YOUR spaces to discover.

Scavenger Hunt

The organizers of ArchiNATI 2013 have announced the guidelines and prizes for the second annual ArchiNATI Photo Scavenger Hunt and Reception presented by The Rookwood Pottery Company. Participants need to find a total of eight buildings in Downtown and OTR and photograph themselves in front of each one before noon on Thursday October 10. All correct entries will be submitted into the grand prize drawing. The winner will take home three beautiful hand-crafted tiles donated by The Rookwood Pottery Co.

The reception will be Thursday, October 10 at 5:30 PM at Rookwood’s OTR location. The reception includes free tours of The Rookwood Pottery Co. and a souvenir for each guest.

Design Competition

ArchiNATI kicks off on October 4 with Place from Space Celebration and Exhibit at the Church of the Assumption. Place from Space is a design competition to turn vacant spaces into community places in OTR, Walnut Hills, and Price Hill. Round 1 submissions will be exhibited for voting. Submissions are still being accepted. The deadline is November 4th at 11:59. Check out submission guidelines and pay your entry fee in the AFC webshop. Submitting a proposal gets you in the door of the Celebration and Exhibit for free!

More Events

Click here for a description of the many other events ArchiNATI is offering this year. Many events are free, some are ticketed, and all of them are sure to make you see your surroundings in a new light and discover something new about Cincinnati.

Visit ArchiNATI’s website for more about the festival.


Thanks very much to our generous festival and event sponsors for helping make ArchiNATI 2013 a success.


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